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Meet Tiffany Witcher

The Interview

Hello, my name is Tiffany and I am a Mother, Wife Voice Actress, Lupus Warrior and Cosplayer. I have one amazing son named Dimitri and great husband named Jonathan. I have voiced act in indie games and have a good collection of cosplays! I am the founder of Cosplayers for Lupus which helps spread awareness for Lupus mainly and other diseases. 

Social Media

BGGC: Tell us your stream schedule if you have one/stream! As well as information about the games you stream and the focus of your channel and what systems you play on (Console/PC, etc.)

Tiffany: My Stream schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10 am mornings and a second one 8pm at night. I stream mostly relaxing games in the morning like Slime Rancher or Stardew Valley and at night is more more action streams with games like Monster Hunter World, Bloodborne or Witcher 3. My stream is to help raise awareness for Lupus. I suffer from the disease and unfortunately my Mother passed due to complications of Lupus April 11th 2017. I run a charity called Cosplayers for Lupus which I run at different anime, video game or pop culture conventions and talk and educate about Lupus and other diseases. 

BGGC: Describe your favorite games that you grew up playing!

Tiffany: I grew up on a lot of platformers like Sonic 2 or Mario. From there I kinda went to action games and rpg games like Final Fantasy, Legend of the Dragoon or Spyro. I still love those type of games I still play them but I am not more gravitated to strong story type games from studios like Telltale Games. 

BGGC: What does gaming mean to you and what is its significance in your life as a Black Woman or Woman of Color?

Tiffany: Being a woman of color and a gamer is important especially now we're getting the proper representation in gaming. For me I've always looked up to characters and wanted to be strong like they were. Now I can honestly say there are characters that I would love to cosplay and that give me so much strength as a black woman. Now our voices are being heard in the community! It's so amazing to be a woman of color and a gamer at the same time. I may not have grown up with this kind of experience but I am proud to be living in it now. 

BGGC: What does motherhood mean to you and how do you balance being a mom with being a gamer? Are your children gamers too? If so, do you play together? How does this influence your relationship with each other? Are there games that you loved as a kid (or currently) that you want to pass on to your children and share with them?

Tiffany: Motherhood to me is teaching a child to be better and even wiser than you for their life. I love the fact my son plays videos games and I let him game and we game together at times. I think it brings us closer and helps teache him teamwork that he now uses for other games like Fortnite. I would love my son to play the new Spyro remakes that are coming out. I loved that series as a kid and I know he will too, given he played the skylanders games when he was younger. 

BGGC: Lastly, is there anything else that you would like to include about yourself that isn't mentioned in the prompts listed above?

Tiffany: I started this channel for a cause but I ended up enjoying streaming in the end. I love meeting the different people during my stream and the ones that's been here from the very beginning. I am thankful for my mod, GGPuck, who's my best friend and has been helping me with my twitch. This was her idea for me to do this and I'm blessed she gave me the motivation to start. 

Enjoy a clip here of Tiffany defeating a boss in Bloodborne!

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