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Welcome to The Code!

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Brown Girl Gamer Code was created to be a digital safe space for Women and Femmes of Color to share their love and passion for gaming and tech!

What has BGGC been up to? Check out our Archives and read up on our past events!


Brown Girl Gamer Code provides consulting services in the realm of gaming and technology as it relates to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.



"Being the creator of BGGC has connected me with some of the most amazing women in the gaming industry. Its a solid place of love and support. I'm so grateful!"

- Brandii JaVia

Creator, Community Manager


We have a private discord for our members to join where we talk about gaming, tech, and many other of our interests. If you're looking for more Black Women/ Women of Color to play with, this is the space for you as well! 

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