About Us

Brown Girl Gamer Code was created to be a digital safe space for Black Women and Women of Color to share their love and passion for gaming and technology. One of the goals for our organization is to broaden the scope of representation in the video game world. As systemic oppression, white supremacy, racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, and trans-phobia are ingrained in almost every aspect of society, the gaming world is no different. The creators goals are to continue to be pillars of representation of Black Women in the gaming community and to also continue to highlight the lack of diversity in regards to Black Women and Women of Color on and off the video game screen. We hope you enjoy our blog and know that this can be a brave space for you to fellowship and bond with other Black women/WOC about everything under the sun in the video game world.



Making sure Black women and Women of Color are welcomed and recognized in all spaces while also creating a space that captures our unique and similar lives/lifestyles in a community where exclusion is the norm. When we see ourselves represented, it gives us hope, boosts our confidence, and normalizes our identities. We are a part of this shit, too. Representation provides the opportunity for our stories to be told accurately and from multiple perspectives. It allows us to view empowering and positive images of ourselves so that we understand we don't have to fall into stereotypes that others believe us to be.


BGGC aims to create a safe and supportive space where everyone is free to share experiences through gaming and everyday life interactions. We value building bonds with the members of our community through uplifting them as streamers and content creators and supporting the different ventures that they have their eyes set on whether it be coding, voice acting, art, etc. Our community is always striving to be validating, resourceful, and in harmony to help each other reach goals and change the toxic gaming culture. 


Gaming and Technology is what brings us together. It has the power to heal and build connections. We value exploring, learning, and infiltrating the world of gaming and technology, not only highlighting the women of color that are already in the gaming industry but also making it more accessible to those who want to become more experienced but don’t know where to start.


The gaming community and industry is heavily white and male dominated and exclusionary to Black Women and Women of Color. BGGC aims to hold the industry accountable for fostering gatekeeping and toxic spaces. Our mission is to change the culture and gain access to resources and opportunities within the field of gaming and tech for marginalized identities.


BGGC fosters engagement with our community to create new and meaningful experiences that promote growth and bonding. We value our members input and feedback to keep the organization going in a direction that is best for us all. We also value being personable, cultivating an environment of care where people don't feel like they have to face obstacles in their life alone. Being an engaged member means not only building relationships in the community, but also engaging with content and new opportunities in the industry. 


BGGC values making sure our community is safe and not being subjected to harmful actions or behavior and not associating with brands, groups, or ideas that do not vibe with our values. We also value making sure our members have the knowledge to keep themselves safe when gaming online, as well as keeping their personal information secure. 


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Brandii JaVia

Creator/Community Manager

Brandii created BGGC in 2017 after she and her best friend, Brittney, discussed the lack of representation in gaming and isolation that they had experienced since childhood. She is currently working on transitioning from Higher Education and Student Affairs into the industry as a consultant for gaming and tech companies to make games more accessible and inclusive! She enjoys web design and is teaching herself how to code. Some of her favorite games include, Spyro, Tomb Raider, The Sims, Assassins Creed, and Overwatch.

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Hailing from North Carolina, by way of Virginia, BossGeekery has always had a love of gaming and tech. Some of her earliest memories include playing Pac-Man on a sit-down arcade cabinet with her dad. Her favorite genres include FPS, RPG, Simulation and Adventure. She also loves web and software development.

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Ta'Laya G.

Community Moderator

Ta'Laya goes MsHexley or just Hexley. Not only is she a BGGC streamer, she is also one of the moderators for the community. Together, they watch over the community, help keep it organized, as well as make sure to keep toxic people at bay. Her favorite game is Saints Row 2! 

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Emily B.

Admin & Esports

Em is a moderator for BGGC who helps with various content creation and events. She is a variety streamer who likes narrative and adventure games. Currently, she’s working on developing content from PC and loves reading and cooking. After playing on her college team for two years, Em now plans to pursue esports independently and use her experiences to help other women of color get into competitive play as well.