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Meet Sugary Cupcake!

The Interview

Social media

Twitter: @_sugarycupcakes

Instagram: ssugarycupcakess



BGGC: Tell us your stream schedule if you have one/stream! As well as information about the games you stream and the focus of your channel and what systems you play on (Console/PC, etc.)



Sugary: My stream schedule isMonday: 9pm,Wednesday: 9pm, Friday: 9pm, Saturday: 7pm, and Sunday: TBA! Streams on the weekend are announced on Twitter!


On my channel, you'll find a variety of games. Even though I primarily play PC games from time to time, I do play games on PS4. My stream focuses on adult fun, giggles and a little bit of rage. Starting off as a Sims 4 streamer, I've branched to playing RPG adventure games, other simulations, MOBAs, visual novels, the occasional FPS,  and a teensy bit of horror.. Just a tiny bit *shudder*. In other words, a little bit of everything. From time to time on the rare occasion if I'm not talking to them on stream, I'll have my children come say hello to everyone. They love to be on camera, even when I don't want them to. I LOVE music of all kinds so stop by to vibe out, chat about life, alongside some pretty decent gaming if I do say so myself. 

BGGC: Describe your favorite games that you grew up playing!

Sugary: Oh my goodness! My favorite games growing up would have to be Diddy Kong Racing, Snowboard Kids 2 (I'd be super surprised if anyone remembers that one), and Mario Party franchise until Mario Party 3, Super Smash Brothers, GoldenEye 007, last but definitely not least Pokemon Red and Blue! I still remember going to those mall meetups in the 90's.  Yes, I played a LOT of Nintendo growing up. 

BGGC: What does gaming mean to you and what is its significance in your life as a Black Woman or Woman of Color?

Sugary: For me, gaming is a getaway. I love coming home, and playing through a character's story. Being a story teller myself, I love being immersed in a whole new world even if just for a little bit. Playing video games growing up, kept me out of a lot of mess. I'd rather go home and play games where I could be a pilot, an adventurer, secret agent, you name it! And even though Black Women or just Women of Color are so under represented in gaming, I do see some change to make the world of gaming a lot more colorful. I'm so excited to see that, and support those developers that are working towards this change. 

BGGC: What does motherhood mean to you and how do you balance being a mom with being a gamer? Are your children gamers too? If so, do you play together? How does this influence your relationship with each other? Are there games that you loved as a kid (or currently) that you want to pass on to your children and share with them?

Sugary: Being the owner of my very own special little minions is the most amazing experience I have ever had. My little ones are so supportive of me and what I do online with my Youtube channel and Twitch. They both say they want to be just like Sugarycupcakes, LOL. Being a mom and a gamer allows me to share and experience stories that I love together with them. They love to sit down and watch me play, cheering me on in the background. My little ones are definitely aspiring gamers. Because they are so young, we play a LOT of board games together and they love app games. Even though it's extremely hard for them to play, they absolutely ADORE Cuphead. They love playing as Mugman, and having me save them as we play through the first world levels. Another game that they truly do enjoy playing, is Disney Infinity. It's super easy for them because of the Sandbox and they love building their own little cities or playing through the story modes with me. I think playing games together with children helps us build a strong relationship. We're communicating, creating, and problem solving together which is something that is very special and will last us a lifetime. One game that I truly loved as a child was Pokemon and Digimon. They both have a place in my heart, and luckily I have been able to share both franchises with my little ones and they love probably more than I did. It is just so amazing to see their eyes light up like mine did (and still do) when they see their favorites on television or in a video game. 

BGGC: Lastly, is there anything else that you would like to include about yourself that isn't mentioned in the prompts listed above?

Sugary: Honestly, I just want Women of Color and women in general to know that you can still achieve great things even if you have children. Having a child is definitely not the end of the world, and you can still accomplish your dreams with your own little team behind you to cheer you on along the way. It took me a while to realize that after I had my first child, and now I wouldn't change it for the world. So if I can inspire women who are like me to keep pushing forward, that is truly an honor. Thank you BGGC for this opportunity to share my little story, and being there to support woman like me. 


Happy Mother's Day!  

Enjoy a clip below of Sugrary Cupcake playing Cup Head with her daughter!

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