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Black History Month 2019

In celebration of Black History Month 2019, we put together an event that featured various streamers from our community. Each streamer got the opportunity to take over the BGGC Twitch page and was asked to put together a 1 to 3 minute segment where they discussed a Black Woman or Woman of Color in the gaming industry that inspired them. Information about each streamer and the person they featured are linked. Check out their highlights below!

Sasha Williams - Coder, Featured in Black Girls Code #FutureTechBoss Campaign

Highlighted by BGGC member Devin ( Seauxdevine )

Erica Luttrell - Actress/ Voice Actress ( The Magic School Bus, Apex Legends, Diablo 3, Steven Universe and more! )

Highlighted by BGGC member DeShawn ( HarleighQuynn )

Jay-Ann Lopez - Empowerment influencer, poet, public speaker and entrepreneur.  She is the Founder of Black Girl Gamers and Co-founder of Curlture.

Highlighted by BGGC Member Adeola (The_Modern_Alchemist)

Thanks for reading!

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