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Brown Girl Gamer Code: Our first post!

Welcome!!! Brown Girl Gamer Codes very first post! We are so excited to get started!!

So first thing's first, why "Brown Girl Gamer Code"?

The significance behind why we call ourselves "Brown Girls": Both Brittney and I identify as Black Women. The term "brown" relates to black women and highlights the various shades of black women, and also women of color from various ethnicities.

The meaning behind "Gamer Code": In our own words, the gamer code refers to the language, symbols, experiences, lessons, and anything else that pertains to how we navigate the gaming world. In a community that’s exclusive and at times elitist, and predominantly white and male, we develop our own ways to connect with each other, learn about gaming, and show support and solidarity with each other when we encounter bias, discrimination, misogyny, and racism within a community that often doesn’t believe we exist or matter.

Brown Girl Gamer Code The Brown Girl Gamer Code is all the ways in which we as Black Women/Women of Color lift each other up within the gaming community and highlight those that have been working hard to create space for us. It is also a place for little girls to learn that “yes, it’s okay to be a gamer” at a young age and for them to see Black women who create game content, make careers via streaming, and that gaming isn’t just for the little white boys they always see on the commercials. This is our Code, we exist, and we are not a myth!

What you can expect from BGGC!

The main component of BGGC is the blog! Here is where we will talk about topics related to gaming that mainly involve Black women/Women of color. I will post game reviews (both new and old games), topics that center online and mobile games, and gaming as it relates to stress and mental health, friendship/sisterhood, racism/sexism, misogyny, etc. I am also a huge Horror fan! So periodically I will blog about horror movies and horror games! I will also highlight my favorite streamers from twitch and youtube, and hope to get our twitch channel up and running soon! Brittney will submit posts from time to time when her schedule permits! We are so excited to engage with you all! Please feel free to comment, message, email, or tweet us! We hope to see you become a part of the code!

Happy Gaming!

- Brandii, Founder of BGGC

Gif image: From, black girl expressing excitement.

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