Mommies in Control:

An Ode to Mothers in the Gaming Commuity

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Motherhood: A journey of love, guidance, compassion, challenges, and more

Gaming: A journey of bonding, learning, fellowship, and sometimes broken controllers from raging.



I have always admired my mother for her strength, courage, and wisdom. Growing up in a single parent household, she was our backbone and did everything she could to nurture and protect me. I owe her everything. Although I am not yet a mother myself, I admire those who are, particularly those who also share my love and passion for gaming. When society describes what they think a typical gamer is, its most likely white males. Y'all know what I mean, the ones that are most often used in advertising for video games as well. As we move in the direction of more representation in gaming, it is important that we remember that those that are often left in the margins: Black Women and Women of Color who are both Mothers and Gamers!


This Mothers Day, BGGC is honoring some of the women in the gaming community that identify as Black Women/Women of Color and their children! We hope to bring more representation in this area and provide the opportunity for them to talk about balancing motherhood, being a gamer, and their other passions. We hope that you all enjoy!

The Honorees


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