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Mommies in Control: A celebration of Mommies in the Gaming Community 


Hello All! Welcome to our 2019 Mothers Day celebration! This year, we are continuing our tradition of honoring Black women and Women of Color who hold the identity of both Mom and Gamer! In addition to being a gamer, we often hold many other identities that impact our lives and those around us. This years honorees sent in videos of them playing games with their children and sharing their proudest moments as mothers. This post is important because we want the world to know that mommies can be gamers, too. While they can enjoy this experience with their children, being a mother does not mean that you have to give up on things you love, such as gaming. Please join us in this special moment of recognition for these amazing women who hold gaming and motherhood dear to their heart!


In addition to the video above, BGGC has also interviewed each honoree! Please click the photos below and get to know them, their passions, and what gaming means to them as Black Women and Women of Color!

Meet the Honorees

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