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#100DaysOfCode with BGGC!

So you want to learn how to code? or maybe you're well versed in a specific language and are interested in something new? Either way, come join the #100DaysOfCode challenge with Brown Girl Gamer Code!

What exactly is #100DaysofCode ?

#100DaysofCode is a challenge created by Coder and Author Alex Kallaway as a way to get into the habit of learning/practicing code to become a better developer and holding himself accountable. In his original article , Alex mentioned how making a public commitment to something has been proven to increase ones chances of finishing a task. Thus came to be #100DaysofCode !

Why is this important to BGGC?

One of the main reasons for participating in this challenge is simple...WE WANT TO LEARN HOW TO CODE! The BGGC community has a set of values that guides the work we do within our community and the gaming industry. Two of those values that lead us to #100DaysofCode challenge are Representation and Gaming & Technology. We believe that by learning to code as community will encourage more Black Women and Women of Color to consider entering the tech and gaming field and boost their confidence when learning to code! With such a lack of representation of BIPOC in the tech industry, we want the people in our community and beyond to feel prepared and confident when the opportunity presents itself for us. Learning code successfully without a degree is more doable than we think and there is a whole community out here ready to support each other through it.

Lets Get Started!

The BGGC #100DaysofCode challenge will start Monday March 23, 2020 and end July 1, 2020! We will be following the set of rules attached to the original challenge and doing some special things on our own, too!


- Tweet to commit to the challenge!

- Read the original article: Join the #100DaysOfCode

- Plan: Formulate what you want to work on during the challenge. It might be - learning a framework, or starting a journey of learning to code, or improving your skill level with a particular technology or a programming language. Don’t spend too much time planning, but having a plan like this will help you on your path.

-Starting March 23, 2020, for the next 100 days, tweet your progress every day using the #100DaysOfCode hashtag. You'll commit to spending at least one hour coding ( or as close as you can!) each day.

We highly encourage you to check out the official 100 days of code website to learn more about the rules and access tools to help you be successful in completion!

THE BGGC TWIST: Over the course of the Challenge, BGGC will have two check ins with the community: One at the 30 Day Mark, and one at the 60 day mark! These check ins will be opportunities to show progress (if you like!) and share challenges or whats going well for you during the challenge. The check-ins are meant to be tools of support for you!


We've collected a pool of coding resources for you to get started. Feel free to use what works best for you and share any that are not in this list!

Mobile: Check out this thread of mobile apps that you can use to code on the go! If you do not have a PC with coding software, these apps allow you to practice code and learn the fundamentals, with quizzes, etc. on a mobile device! There are also apps mentioned here for children if you are a teacher or have a kiddo that wants to join in!

Software to practice your code

  1. Visual Studio Code: a source code editor developed by Microsoft, available on Mac and Windows and its free!

  2. Sublime Text: Text editor for Code and Markup. Available on Mac and Windows. You can download for free but a license must be purchased for continued use.

  3. Coda for Mac: Code editor created by Softonic that allows you to edit code and also house your web development software in one place. Available for Mac! I have not used it before but the reviews are good. It does mention that it can be overwhelming for first time users.

  4. Notepad++: Free source code editor

Websites that offer coding courses

  1. free code camp: free code camp has loads of course that you can take for free that will teach you the code you want to learn! You cam also earn certifications.

  2. is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools and increasing participation by women and underrepresented youth. They also have an "Hour of Code" initiative.

  3. Coursera: This site has loads of online courses that you can take pertaining to coding, web design, etc. And its free to join!

  4. Team Treehouse: Has 300+ courses and workshops to learn to code. They have a free 7 day trial and then its $25 dollars per month after that.

  5. Udemy: Udemy also has a ton of coding courses. I have been learning to build a 2D game through one of their courses. They frequently have their courses on sale for a little over $10! They have a sale going until March 19th currently!.

  6. Code Academy: Code academy is free and they do have a paid Pro version! Their step by step guide helps you choose what you want to learn, get feedback on your code, and apply what you've learned to real world projects.

Lastly, here are some resources provided on the 100 Days of Code website that may be helpful to you!

We hope you'll join us! Follow us on Twitter and check out our website to keep up with the challenge!

Happy Coding!

Brown Girl Gamer Code

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