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If you're looking for a community of Women and Femmes of Color who love gaming and tech, consider joining BGGC!  Our community currently holds members that are gamers, streamers, game developers and more! We host community game nights, streaming events that highlight Women and Femmes of Color in gaming and tech, panels at conventions, and other ways that center our community! If you're interested in joining our community and discord, please fill out the application!


The Code Crew

"I knew I liked video games and I wanted to share that with others but wasn't 100 percent on where to connect with others with the same interests. After trying different apps, forums, and lobbies by pure happenstance I was recommended Brown Girl Gamer Code. It's been my source of motivation to keep gaming and keep creating content! I can find laughs, new friends, a safe space to vent and an assortment of gaming resources and news! It's been the most impactful community in my confidence to succeed."

—  @dundundun_

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