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Dots Home Developer Chat!

We recently chatted with the developers of Dot's Home! A 2D narrative game that follows a young Black woman in Detroit as she ventures through time making tough decisions that involve race and place!

The game sheds light on housing injustices in Detroit, MI! Check out the Vod!

Apex Dev Chat.jpg

Apex Legends Dev Chat!

Watch our EXCLUSIVE live interview with the developers of Apex Legends for Black History Month 2023!

This is our second interview with the team! We chatted about Season 16updates and learned about their day-to-day roles at Respawn!

Bitter Silver.png

Bitter Silver Playthrough & Dev Chat!

BGGC Hosted a playthrough for the Bitter Silver demo and interviewed one of the devs: BGGC Member Calamity!


Poetry and play cafe.png

Poetry & Play Cafe!

Check out our 4th annual Poetry and Play Café, hosted by TheScreamKween! The perfect blend of gaming and poetry, reading poems from the community and highlighting Black poets in honor of Black History Month!

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