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Kenya Golden


The Interview

My name is Kenya Golden. I'm from Florida and I'm a single mother of a 10 year old daughter. Besides playing video games, I enjoy acrylic painting from time to time. 


Twitch: KenyaGolden

IG: KenyaGoldenplay

Twitter: KenyaGoldenplay 

Youtube: KenyaGolden

BGGC: Tell us your stream schedule if you have one/stream! As well as information about the games you stream and the focus of your channel and what systems you play on (Console/PC, etc.)

Kenya:  No streaming schedule at the moment.


I enjoy playing action-adventure games (Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassin’s Creed Origins) and I also like to dabble in horror games as well (Outlast, Resident Evil 2, The Last Of Us) 


Currently I only stream from my PS4 until I get a gaming PC


The focus of my channel is just to have fun. That’s it lol

BGGC: Describe your favorite games that you grew up playing!

Kenya: My favorite games growing up were Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario Kart 64, GoldenEye 007, & Wrestlemania 2000 N64 (back when I loved wrestling lol)

BGGC: What does gaming mean to you and what is its significance in your life as a Black Woman or Woman of Color?

Kenya: Gaming as a black woman is a struggle for me. Enjoying games that lack black representation is bittersweet and even though there is more black representation in video games than there has ever been, the gaming industry still has to do better with representation and diversity.


Gaming is important to me because it helps with my mental health. Just being able to escape this harsh world and immersing myself into fictional universes through gaming is something that I will always enjoy.

BGGC: What does motherhood mean to you and how do you balance being a mom with being a gamer? Are your children gamers too? If so, do you play together? How does this influence your relationship with each other? Are there games that you loved as a kid (or currently) that you want to pass on to your children and share with them?

Kenya: Motherhood honestly is a struggle for me especially juggling depression and BPD. I love my child but I can’t say I’m too fond of motherhood that much. However, it has taught me a lot about myself and it has opened my eyes to how the world really is because I have to raise a little human in it so I’m always worrying about her safety and well being.


Balancing motherhood & gaming isn’t really hard at all because my daughter loves gaming as well. 

My daughter is a gamer as well. We usually just play what she wants to play which is Minecraft, Overcooked, Think Of The Children, Portal Knights, & Super Smash Bros. She also loves Roblox and sometimes I reluctantly play it lol.


Playing (and watching gameplays) games with my daughter really brings us closer together. It’s something that I will always cherish doing with her. 

 There are games that I loved as a kid that I wish my daughter would love too like Mortal Kombat and Mario Kart but she’s very picky when it comes to her video games and unfortunately she hates playing MK with me lol. 

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